The purpose of the priv-box is to help the financing of the web-site and the new games.

You can access to it by a participation of 10 euros (13 USD roughly
and your access will be valid one month
(no automatic rebill).
Inside, two games to be played online and several bonus.

Currently, the game 
  is in the priv-box.
The game "STOOL PIGEON",
produced in collaboration with JIMMY-JOHN,
 is also playable in the priv-box.

As a new game will be finished ,It will replace one of the old games in the priv-box
and this one will join the "sexygames" free page.

la priv-box a pour but d'aider le financement du site et des nouveaux jeux.

Vous pouvez y acceder par une participation de 10 euros (13 USD environ)
et votre accès sera valable un mois
( pas de réabonnement automatique ).
A l'intérieur, deux jeux à jouer en ligne ainsi que plusieurs bonus.

Actuellement, le jeu "KARYUKAI" ,
 se trouve dans la priv-box.
réalisé en collaboration avec JIMMY-JOHN,
se trouve aussi dans la priv-box.
Dés qu'un nouveau jeu sera terminé, il remplacera un des anciens jeux de la priv-box
 et celui-ci rejoindra la page gratuite "sexygames"

The games


Akimi is a pretty American student girl, who has Japanese origins by her mother. She decides to go to Japan to prepare a thesis about "the world of flowers and willows", the world of geishas... But Kyoto is not a so quiet town as it seems...



Amanda and Samantha have a new mission ... and always the same weapons to succeed: nice ass, beautiful breasts and a willpower to put them in the service of the nation !



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